Australia Test caption Pat Cummins cautions players about T20 associations after slamming $1m arrangement to play in radical IPL competition in India, check highlights


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Pat Cummins is quite possibly of the most enriched cricketer on the planet. The Australian has earned substantial sums of money, playing in the money rich Indian Head Association and different associations.

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 But the speedster made a huge reveal recently, stating he was also targeted by several city-based T20 Leagues in India for mammoth sum. Reports in Australia suggest that he ignored them.

As per a report in the News Corp report, the Australian rejected one-million move from many Indian based leagues.

Large Radish

Some of them were cameo appearances. This is a serious concern for cricketers all around the world when proper cash-rich leagues are mushrooming like no other in recent times.

Take for instance, the ILT20 in UAE or for that matter, the SA20 League, these are growing franchise-based leagues in the world.

“These opportunities are huge and they are popping up more and more often. I think it’s just us as a sport in Australia to make sure that we’ve got a really strong vision of what we want Australian cricket to look like for the next five, ten years. So now what’s next, because these things are going to keep popping up, so get on the front foot, be proactive,” he told AAP


“We all want to keep Australian cricket as number one, so how can we manage all these different competing interests to try and keep it that way? Playing for your country, international cricket at the moment is still number one for just about everyone, especially here in Australia, but we can’t just take that for granted.